Thursday, September 4, 2008

Newsletter: July-August 08

The Extra Mile

My morning run is my quiet time, alone with the Lord, a time I look forward to starting my days with here in Haiti . One morning recently ,as I felt pushed to run a bit further than normal, I felt the Lord clearly showed me, that many of us are in that extra mile.This is the place in our journey, that it takes that extra push of perseverance to endure to the end. I am reminded of our walk across the mountains of Haiti. This was an unknown journey to us, we had only heard of the path, commonly used by Merchants here in Haiti to carry their produce across to Port. Making the decision to walk, required a certain amount of faith in what we had been told by others, belief in ourselves, that we could actually endure it. And trust , that God would carry us through to the end. Just as many life circumstances find us, we came to a point in our journey, where our ability alone was not enough. We then would have the choice to trust in the Lord's ability through us, to bring us through.He promises to be with us in our journey, wherever that may take us. Just as God promised Joshua He would go with them, if they would move ahead as he directed, full of courage and strength and not turn aside. These were the conditions for success,the promise of the land would be theirs and God would be with them through it all, but the choice was still theirs to make, would they choose to go the extra mile? to endure to the end,even though it seemed impossible? Each of our extra miles may look a bit different.. For some of us, it is our jobs, our ministry,relationships, sickness, but His promise is the same for us all..EVERY place that the sole of your foot will tread upon, I HAVE GIVEN YOU...........NOW PROCEED!!! I will be with you to the end!!

Jefferson, is our neighborhood friend.
I believe he has the biggest smile in Haiti.
He is 13 and desperatly wanting to go to school.

Johnny is going to school........

Charmaine chose Johnny as her birthday gift of education.............

Johnny is 13 and very excited about his chance to go to school this year.