Friday, February 29, 2008

February Newsletter

Febuary Newsletter

This letter comes to you from Haiti. Where we have been living and serving for almost two months now.

We have so much to share with you, it's hard to know where to begin. Our lives here in Haiti stay very full, the days are not typical, as at home in America. The golden rule on the mission field is flexibility , which is required to even stay reasonably at peace in a country of such instability.

Our decision to come to Haiti in January, came when we got word , that our dear friend Susette Mannesarro was diagnosed with cancer and in need of Chemo treatment in the states. The news was shocking, as we had just been in Haiti with Bill and Sue back in Nov.

The Manesarro's have founded 2 home's for street children. Maison De Lumiere,( House of Light or Lighthouse), which now house 31 boys and 16 girls. These children all have one thing in common, they each worked the streets of Haiti, day and night, begging, in order to survive.before being rescued by this ministry.

A House of Light, is exactly what it is for these children. A place of refuge and hope. Ted & I remember when we first met the kids, a little over 3 years ago , the boys were rough, untrusting and violent. Today if you were to meet these same young men , you would probably argue the fact that they were once like that. It almost brings me to tears, when each day they greet me with a hug and kiss on the cheek.. These are the same boys that once chased Bill with a machete and locked their house parent in a room after chasing her with a knife, just few short years ago.

God has completely transformed their lives and there is no denying it.

The Manesarro's have done an incredible job , not only providing a safe place for these kids, but discipling them teaching them God's principles and above all else, loving them unconditionally. A perfect example of Christ's love for us and living proof that , love truly does cover all....

We have never felt so confident that we are walking in our purpose and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is exactly where God wants us to be. One thing we have found to be true, is when we are obeying God in what we do, it is not a sacrifice at all and the blessing is truly ours.

We continue to stay in awe of His blessings and mostly His grace over our family and this minsitry. This ministry is just another extension of our family in the Kingdom Of God. We feel honored to be positioned in a place of being a blessing to these children and in a position of recieving so much more than we could ever give.

We are trusting God, in our decision to stay , helping Bill & Susette with this ministry until they are able to return, prayerfully later this year. We are believing God will provide the way for this to happen,as there is still much uncertainty as to when they will be able to return.

We are learning to trust God in ways we never imagined, not only trusting Him with ours and the children's daily needs, but trusting Him with every minute, every breath, every decision we make..every day...He is so good! to give us all we need....

we so appreciate, your prayerful and financial support of our family.

The Hojara family

we send weekly updates,with pictures, sponsor opportunities and needs. on our website at

"The call of God is essentially, an expression of His nature,when I recieve His nature, I hear His call. Service to Him is the outcome of what is fitted to my nature, it is the overflow of superbounding devotion to Him, that I may serve Him in ordinary ways of life,out of my devotion to him"

Heart of Jonathan Ministries 2845

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Wedding

Well without a doubt , my most eventful day yet, was the "Wedding Day" Fritz , our director here at Maison De Lumiere was married on Sat. With Bill and Sue out of the country, guess who volunteered to help. My biggest mistake was saying." I will do whatever you need me to do" Fritz has become like family to us, so I was more than happy to help out. The bride asked if she could dress at our apartment, sure I said, thinking to myself, we have one bathroom , one mirror and about 2o people, little did I know she would also bring her family and a herd of people in the bridal party with her. The wedding was scheduled to start at 3:30, even though everyone in Haiti knows , that means at least 5. So here it was 3:30 and nails were being put on, hair was still being done and the only one seeming to stress is mwa. The cell phone rings, and it is clearly the groom, who was at the church with Ted, hurrying the bride along. Fifteen minutes goes by , the phone rings again.It's ignored...Suddenly the bride burst into tears, we finally calm her and begin to leave, Now everyone is in a hurry, we cram into the extra hot car..all 14 of us and were off. The big truck close behind with our 47 kids ....which was the other thing I didn't mention. Have you ever tried to get 47 children ready for anything. here we go.. off to church and only minutes away, when thump.....thump.....we hit something, every white person in Haiti know, if you hit something you are in BIG trouble and you will pay BIG $$$.not only did we hit the extra large PIG...we ran completley over it. All I could think is ,were late , the bride is crying and I'm NOT stopping, so we gun it full speed into the church parking lot, hoping and praying we are not being chased down.not having a clue what anyone else was thinking or saying, because not one spoke english. I sat there in shock, half laughing and half crying, unable to speak, when I remembered, I need to go take the wedding pictures, so I gather myelf together shaking from head to toe and do pictures. The wedding was beautiful, the reception eventful. Now were pretty sure we know why we and the lynch's were the only white folk brave or stupid enough to go. It seemed no one had seen food or drink in a decade , when a brawl almost started as they served, and the security guard had to sit on the cooler of drinks, the funny thing is they had asked us to serve, thank goodness some Haitian ladies volunteered, because we would have been eaten alive I'm certain. All I know , Is I was glad to hit my pillow and look forward to a new day...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

God is Still God!

When the answer is NO...........

Sometimes I'm finding the answer has to be No.....for me probably the most difficult answer to give someone, especially when their desperate for you to have a solution to their problem. I am reminded daily that God is God and I am only man....and God IS still God , even when the answer is No...and even when everything in me wants the answer to be YES....even when it seems, impossible to say NO. He is still God......................

This week I found myself lying awake at 3 am, thinking about and seeing the faces of those that I had to say NO to. A little girl, 9 years old, who has no one to care for her while her Mom's in the hospital. A teen Mom, with a 14 month old, who is homeless with no family and for 3 weeks now, the answer has been NO. I just don't seem to have the right answer....or should I say the answer that I would prefer. What I find myself asking is, do I really believe that God is big enough for these people? do I trust him enough to care for them? am I in tune with him enough, that I give the right answer? All I know for certain is that Yes!!! God is still God and he loves these people even more than I do(which is a whole lot!!!) and Yes he is BIG enough to meet them right where they are at , even if it's not my way, I know His is best.......and am learning to trust him with evey decision, every minute of the day.....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Werna, Johnny,Junior and Olivia

I would like to introduce Madame Werna ( my new friend) & her precious children.

We have spent many days together and cried many tears together as well.......

You may remember me writing a few weeks ago about the 10 day old baby at my gate, Olivia. Werna is Olivia's Mom, she is a single Mom with now 4 children in her care, she has given up her youngest, Olivia for adoption.

Werna has no home or family to help care for her and her children , she is a mere 27 years old and just diagnosed with HIV. The news of her disease has been difficult , we did recieve good news that her 4 other children have tested negative. Werna, as well as Olivia( with her new adoptive parents) are now in a program for HIV patients . Werna is one in many women in this situation, here in Haiti, but Werna is the one who God brought our way, I believe, not by chance........................

We at this time are helping as much as we are able , getting her to clinic and giving her a few things for her children. Here in Haiti , having HIV is very looked down upon, there are so many myths , that these people are basically outcasts. At this time Werna is unable to work and many days they are without food, unless we bring it.

We would like to find a sponsor or sponsors for this family. For a very small amount she and her children can eat 3 meals a day and have a roof over their heads.

for about $150 US per month, they could have a small room, food and also send her kids to school.

If we could get 6 people to help , it would be a $25 per month commitment that would literally change this family's life.

please pray about what your part might be. you will surely be blessed in doing it!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I have prepared you for such a time as this...

The first day that I arrived here in Haiti, as I was walking through the boy's house at M.D.L, I heard Gods voice say, I have prepared you for a time such as this. Over the last 13 days I have had to grab on to those words many times. After just 13 days here there has been many situations that have touched me beyond what words can describe. The kind of things that touch deep in our heart, like watching girls and boys from the ages of maybe 10 to18 on there faces praying with all their heart that God would heal Susette who has been like a mother to a lot of them for the last 3 years, who is now back in the states, she has be diagnosed with cancer and now going through 6 months of kemo treatments.

I believe that many of us should grab onto these words. There are many reading this that God has put a task in front of and even as hard as that task or situation may seem, by Gods grace you will finish the task God has set before you. When you think he can go no farther grab onto these words, God has prepared you for such a time as this.

My wife recently wrote a blog and her words were Abounding Grace, nothing else can describe how we see what we see, hear what we hear, and do what we do each day here in Haiti. There are just not answers, sometimes to the never ending questions we are faced with daily here, not just typical questions as nothing here seems to be typical, but many life and death questions, waiting for answers only God can give. One of our greatest challenges was last week when we were a part of telling 2 woman they were HIV positive, both in their 20's, words can not describe the look in their eyes after telling them.

When I sit here thinking of the task God has set before Lisa and I and our children it becomes very overwhelming. Each day I look at these 47 children that God loves so much and has interested us with, what an honor it is to care for and serve the ones God loves so. And at the same time we feel so inadequate, to be able to help those that God has brought before us. I grab onto those words, I have prepared you for a time such as this.

For about the last month God has had me in the book of Job , One thought came to me that I would like to share, as I was reading through it this time. God allowed many terrible things to happen to Job, he lost his family that he loved so, all his possessions and then became sick himself. As I thought about this for a moment a thought came to me, it was, if God knows everything before it even happens, then He must of known that Job would make it even before he allowed these horrible things to happen to him. Job had quite the task before him and at the end he was victorious. I believe that Job was prepared for such a time as God put before him. Also Gods word says he will never put more on us than we can handle. The problem we have sometimes is that we don't always understand that God truly does prepare us for those times that we may not want to or think we can endure. Remember God has prepared us for such a time as this.

I want to encourage everyone that might be facing that task God has set before you. Embrace the task and know by his grace you can finish the task set before you. God already knows we can do it, draw near to him and we will be victorious. AMEN

I just want to say Thank-you to everyone praying for us while we are here in Haiti, we can feel the prayers. Blessings TED

Monday, February 11, 2008

Grace Abounding

Grace Abounding............
Nothing else can describe how we see what we see, hear what we hear and do what we do each day here in Haiti. There are just not answers, sometimes to the never ending questions we are faced with daily here , not just typical questions, as nothing here seems typical, but many life and death questions, waiting for answers, answers only God can give. This week our greatest challenge was having to tell two women they were HIV positive, both in their 20's, this was one of the most difficult things I have ever been a part of. Some days I wonder what exactly was God thinking sending me here amongst all these children with such great need. As a little girl, all I ever asked for was a baby, .WOW!!!! now here in Haiti, I could have one every makes me think of the song " be careful waht you wish for , you just might get it all" boy did I.... I've been told more than once I would be the Mother to many, I guess I didn't really believe it until now.......

Monday, February 4, 2008

Let the Children Come

To give you glimpse of the desperation here in Haiti, I thought I would share a few stories of the past 5 days. Last wed . I wrote of the 10 day old baby at my gate, needing a home. Olivia is now her name, today Olivia went home with her new family here in Haiti, a missionary couple who's prayers have been answered , and a baby , God loved soooo much.....and had a plan for her before she was ever born.

My day yesterday ended with the sad other side of Olivia's story, as I walked to her Mama's home to give her an oral aids test, discovering she is HIV positive, having to tell her this disturbing news added to her already difficult circumstances as she and her other 4 children are temporarily living with strangers without anything but a small plastic bag of personal items .. We will now help her recieve treatments. please pray for Werna and her children. God does have a plan and purpose even in the midst what seems impossible...

Yesterday upon our arrival home from church we were met ,with yet another Mama and baby at our gate, a young 17 year old girl with a 14 month old little girl , stating she had no home and could we please take her baby., the baby covered with a serious skin disease, sat glaring at me with these big beautiful eyes, that even without words, were pleading for help. I honestly feel I have an autopilot GPS pointing in my direction that says "let the children come"!!! which in my heart of hearts I love, they are my passion and reason for being here, but on the other hand what shall I do with them ALL? I couldn't possibly take them all in, I can't even possibly help every one of them. Daily I find myself crying out to God on their behalf and if I were honest , I would have to say most days, I know that I know, He is here , He is Big enough for them all, but some days I struggle with my understanding of WHY Lord? why these children and these people, why is it that we are such a blessed people in every way and these people continue to suffer so greatly? but each day, right in the midst of devastation, His amazing grace comes, some how, some way and covers us all and allows us to be His hands, His feet and His voice to these people and bring His hope into their lives.I'm coming to understand more and more, It's all about giving, giving of ourselves, our time, our energy, our love, whatever it is God has blessed us with, we recieve the most of him through our giving unto others..

Today it seemed it was giving of my $$$ I started out putting money in my pocket to put fuel in our truck, before I could even get out of the gate, our fix it man, needed tap tap $ , then, oh yeah we needed drinking water, as I arrived at the boys home I'm told we have no toilet paper or soap, 30 boys are pretty stinking with either of these oh and the laundress has a tooth ache and needs $ for the Dr. we can't do too long without her, as she is our only means of clean clothes, with no washer or dryer here. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but needless to say when I went in my pocket to give Ted the fuel$$, we could only laugh, as it was really no surprise, just all part of the giving process, I suppose.

To end on a positive note... I can only say, that there is no greater joy than walking in the purpose and destiny God has for matter what comes your way, He is so faithful to Give you all you need right in the moment that you need it ........