Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I want to take a few moments and share with you all some things that he Lord has been burning in my spirit while being here in Haiti the last year. While being here in just a short year Lisa and I have seen life and death at a level most would never think of. We have seen things like a 3 pound baby fighting for its life while Lisa and others tried to help it. Attempting to help children that the roof of their school building fell in on them killing over 100 of them. I could go on and on of events that we have either seen or been apart of. It has truly been a incredible learning time for both Lisa and I and our own children.
The list of needs here in Haiti are endless it is truly mind boggling at times. It wears on you at times to a point that truly brings you to your knees, where all you can do is call out ABBA FATHER and try and find that quit place and just hang out with God and bask in His presence. { Probably right where he wants me anyway}
If you take a look at all the reasons why Haiti is in the shape it is in, you would find many reasons from corrupt government to lack of education,voodoo this list all so goes on and on, but there is one reason the Lord has really shown me that is reaping havic on Haiti and many others {including the USA} and that is Fatherlessness. This country needs fathers to take their rightful place the Lord has called them to take. The fatherlessness has broken down the family unit to a point that it may be in danger of going extinct. Haiti needs a man with a Fathers Heart to run it.
I recently attended and spoke at a youth retreat here in Haiti and what I seen and experienced their touched me so, it will leave a mark in my spirit for along time. The Lord had given me a message that was all about them becoming Sons and Daughters of the Living God and how they should embrace God as Daddy God. At one point I asked them to show of hands how many their were fatherless in one way or way or another and about 75% t0 80% raised their hands. At that point I heard the Lord say tell them I love them very much and want to spend time with them. As I shared this with them the whole atmosphere in the place changed God said tell them again so I told them again and again. I noticed 2 Girls in the front row crying and really beginning to weep, I looked in the back and noticed some more doing the same. We all just stopped and spent time with God . God moved in a mighty way most of the young people their had never been touched by God like that. One young man there with tears running down his face tried to explain what God was doing with him He said it was like he was setting in the Fathers lap with His arms rapped around him and it felt so warm and safe. After watching all this the Lord put on my heart once again that He is truly turning the hearts of the fathers to the sons and the hearts of sons to the fathers. He has called my family and I to Haiti to do many things, but the most important one is to love the fatherless. What a Honor It Is to be used by God to Love on His Children. Haiti can be a very hard place to live at times but it all is worth it when one of His children give you a big smile and hug and look at you and say thanks.
One real important thing must happen before we can truly become fathers to the fatherless we must first become sons to our creator the Living God needs to become Daddy God . I want to challenge all you fathers and men of God if you haven't all ready, to allow the Living God to come in that deep place in your spirit and allow Him to become DADDY GOD. My prayer is that as you do this it will forever change your life.