Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pressing In

Dear Family and Friends,
I want to take this time to thank everyone who has been praying for us, your prayers mean so much, please do not take praying lightly. I believe because of your prayers God answered them on Sunday night and protected Lisa and I and gave me the instinct to know what to do. Believe me I have had no training in how to get away from robbers or kidnappers especially in the rain at night. And it was God who gave me the courage to get away and find help, it was not that I am some really brave man, because the truth is I was as scared as I ever want to be.
I just want to take a minute and share some thoughts with you all. First I believe that all things that happen to us are father filtered, meaning anything good or bad, God has the say on allowing it to happen and when. The book of Job is a great example of this. So for reasons we do not know yet and some we already know, God allowed what happened to us Sunday to happen. One important thing that God has done through this already is, He is building my faith more and I hope He is doing the same for you. This situation also has helped me to know that I know God has lead me and my family here, even more than I already knew. I know that the enemy does not like what we are doing here and would love to bring in fear and doubt in, and I also know that if I let fear come in and take over my thoughts then I might as well pack up and go back to the states. So the way I see it is we have a choice to make either buy into the lie the enemy is putting out, or draw closer to the lord. So we are taking this opportunity and drawing closer to the Lord and getting more in His presence.The one thing I know as we draw and press into His presence, this where we will find direction and wisdom for our lives. As it is explained in a book that I have been reading the author calls it the upper room experience, so please join us in the upper room.
We are praying that God will show us the things, if any, that need to be done to make things safer for Our family, Rod and Brittney and all the children and the staff here at M.D.L. I hate that we even have to take this time out to evaluate our security and that now when I walk out the gate I see things a little different , it truly is a sad day, like our good friend John McHoul said to me one time. It is because of sin that we have to have razor wire , high walls, security guards, and all the other things we do to be safe here in Haiti and once again because of sin we have to take time out of what God has called us to do and do things like evaluate security, spend money to fix a truck ( which I am believing for 7 fold back on every penny it takes to repair the truck). So I would like all of you that have been praying to join with us and pray that we can quickly get back on track doing what God has called us to do here in Haiti, serving these children here at M.D.L. and the people of Haiti.
And please be encouraged that all your prayers count and are truly powerful, that on a rainy Sunday night God answered your prayers of protection for us and we the Hojara Family just want to thank-you one more time, but most of all we thank the Lord for answering those prayers and now join us and rejoice in what God has done and is continuing to do.

Always remembering the safest place we can be is in the center of God's will.

Walking in His blessings,
Ted, Lisa, and Charmaine and Caleb

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