Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Wedding

Well without a doubt , my most eventful day yet, was the "Wedding Day" Fritz , our director here at Maison De Lumiere was married on Sat. With Bill and Sue out of the country, guess who volunteered to help. My biggest mistake was saying." I will do whatever you need me to do" Fritz has become like family to us, so I was more than happy to help out. The bride asked if she could dress at our apartment, sure I said, thinking to myself, we have one bathroom , one mirror and about 2o people, little did I know she would also bring her family and a herd of people in the bridal party with her. The wedding was scheduled to start at 3:30, even though everyone in Haiti knows , that means at least 5. So here it was 3:30 and nails were being put on, hair was still being done and the only one seeming to stress is mwa. The cell phone rings, and it is clearly the groom, who was at the church with Ted, hurrying the bride along. Fifteen minutes goes by , the phone rings again.It's ignored...Suddenly the bride burst into tears, we finally calm her and begin to leave, Now everyone is in a hurry, we cram into the extra hot car..all 14 of us and were off. The big truck close behind with our 47 kids ....which was the other thing I didn't mention. Have you ever tried to get 47 children ready for anything. here we go.. off to church and only minutes away, when thump.....thump.....we hit something, every white person in Haiti know, if you hit something you are in BIG trouble and you will pay BIG $$$.not only did we hit the extra large PIG...we ran completley over it. All I could think is ,were late , the bride is crying and I'm NOT stopping, so we gun it full speed into the church parking lot, hoping and praying we are not being chased down.not having a clue what anyone else was thinking or saying, because not one spoke english. I sat there in shock, half laughing and half crying, unable to speak, when I remembered, I need to go take the wedding pictures, so I gather myelf together shaking from head to toe and do pictures. The wedding was beautiful, the reception eventful. Now were pretty sure we know why we and the lynch's were the only white folk brave or stupid enough to go. It seemed no one had seen food or drink in a decade , when a brawl almost started as they served, and the security guard had to sit on the cooler of drinks, the funny thing is they had asked us to serve, thank goodness some Haitian ladies volunteered, because we would have been eaten alive I'm certain. All I know , Is I was glad to hit my pillow and look forward to a new day...

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