Monday, February 4, 2008

Let the Children Come

To give you glimpse of the desperation here in Haiti, I thought I would share a few stories of the past 5 days. Last wed . I wrote of the 10 day old baby at my gate, needing a home. Olivia is now her name, today Olivia went home with her new family here in Haiti, a missionary couple who's prayers have been answered , and a baby , God loved soooo much.....and had a plan for her before she was ever born.

My day yesterday ended with the sad other side of Olivia's story, as I walked to her Mama's home to give her an oral aids test, discovering she is HIV positive, having to tell her this disturbing news added to her already difficult circumstances as she and her other 4 children are temporarily living with strangers without anything but a small plastic bag of personal items .. We will now help her recieve treatments. please pray for Werna and her children. God does have a plan and purpose even in the midst what seems impossible...

Yesterday upon our arrival home from church we were met ,with yet another Mama and baby at our gate, a young 17 year old girl with a 14 month old little girl , stating she had no home and could we please take her baby., the baby covered with a serious skin disease, sat glaring at me with these big beautiful eyes, that even without words, were pleading for help. I honestly feel I have an autopilot GPS pointing in my direction that says "let the children come"!!! which in my heart of hearts I love, they are my passion and reason for being here, but on the other hand what shall I do with them ALL? I couldn't possibly take them all in, I can't even possibly help every one of them. Daily I find myself crying out to God on their behalf and if I were honest , I would have to say most days, I know that I know, He is here , He is Big enough for them all, but some days I struggle with my understanding of WHY Lord? why these children and these people, why is it that we are such a blessed people in every way and these people continue to suffer so greatly? but each day, right in the midst of devastation, His amazing grace comes, some how, some way and covers us all and allows us to be His hands, His feet and His voice to these people and bring His hope into their lives.I'm coming to understand more and more, It's all about giving, giving of ourselves, our time, our energy, our love, whatever it is God has blessed us with, we recieve the most of him through our giving unto others..

Today it seemed it was giving of my $$$ I started out putting money in my pocket to put fuel in our truck, before I could even get out of the gate, our fix it man, needed tap tap $ , then, oh yeah we needed drinking water, as I arrived at the boys home I'm told we have no toilet paper or soap, 30 boys are pretty stinking with either of these oh and the laundress has a tooth ache and needs $ for the Dr. we can't do too long without her, as she is our only means of clean clothes, with no washer or dryer here. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but needless to say when I went in my pocket to give Ted the fuel$$, we could only laugh, as it was really no surprise, just all part of the giving process, I suppose.

To end on a positive note... I can only say, that there is no greater joy than walking in the purpose and destiny God has for matter what comes your way, He is so faithful to Give you all you need right in the moment that you need it ........

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