Thursday, February 14, 2008

I have prepared you for such a time as this...

The first day that I arrived here in Haiti, as I was walking through the boy's house at M.D.L, I heard Gods voice say, I have prepared you for a time such as this. Over the last 13 days I have had to grab on to those words many times. After just 13 days here there has been many situations that have touched me beyond what words can describe. The kind of things that touch deep in our heart, like watching girls and boys from the ages of maybe 10 to18 on there faces praying with all their heart that God would heal Susette who has been like a mother to a lot of them for the last 3 years, who is now back in the states, she has be diagnosed with cancer and now going through 6 months of kemo treatments.

I believe that many of us should grab onto these words. There are many reading this that God has put a task in front of and even as hard as that task or situation may seem, by Gods grace you will finish the task God has set before you. When you think he can go no farther grab onto these words, God has prepared you for such a time as this.

My wife recently wrote a blog and her words were Abounding Grace, nothing else can describe how we see what we see, hear what we hear, and do what we do each day here in Haiti. There are just not answers, sometimes to the never ending questions we are faced with daily here, not just typical questions as nothing here seems to be typical, but many life and death questions, waiting for answers only God can give. One of our greatest challenges was last week when we were a part of telling 2 woman they were HIV positive, both in their 20's, words can not describe the look in their eyes after telling them.

When I sit here thinking of the task God has set before Lisa and I and our children it becomes very overwhelming. Each day I look at these 47 children that God loves so much and has interested us with, what an honor it is to care for and serve the ones God loves so. And at the same time we feel so inadequate, to be able to help those that God has brought before us. I grab onto those words, I have prepared you for a time such as this.

For about the last month God has had me in the book of Job , One thought came to me that I would like to share, as I was reading through it this time. God allowed many terrible things to happen to Job, he lost his family that he loved so, all his possessions and then became sick himself. As I thought about this for a moment a thought came to me, it was, if God knows everything before it even happens, then He must of known that Job would make it even before he allowed these horrible things to happen to him. Job had quite the task before him and at the end he was victorious. I believe that Job was prepared for such a time as God put before him. Also Gods word says he will never put more on us than we can handle. The problem we have sometimes is that we don't always understand that God truly does prepare us for those times that we may not want to or think we can endure. Remember God has prepared us for such a time as this.

I want to encourage everyone that might be facing that task God has set before you. Embrace the task and know by his grace you can finish the task set before you. God already knows we can do it, draw near to him and we will be victorious. AMEN

I just want to say Thank-you to everyone praying for us while we are here in Haiti, we can feel the prayers. Blessings TED

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