Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Werna, Johnny,Junior and Olivia

I would like to introduce Madame Werna ( my new friend) & her precious children.

We have spent many days together and cried many tears together as well.......

You may remember me writing a few weeks ago about the 10 day old baby at my gate, Olivia. Werna is Olivia's Mom, she is a single Mom with now 4 children in her care, she has given up her youngest, Olivia for adoption.

Werna has no home or family to help care for her and her children , she is a mere 27 years old and just diagnosed with HIV. The news of her disease has been difficult , we did recieve good news that her 4 other children have tested negative. Werna, as well as Olivia( with her new adoptive parents) are now in a program for HIV patients . Werna is one in many women in this situation, here in Haiti, but Werna is the one who God brought our way, I believe, not by chance........................

We at this time are helping as much as we are able , getting her to clinic and giving her a few things for her children. Here in Haiti , having HIV is very looked down upon, there are so many myths , that these people are basically outcasts. At this time Werna is unable to work and many days they are without food, unless we bring it.

We would like to find a sponsor or sponsors for this family. For a very small amount she and her children can eat 3 meals a day and have a roof over their heads.

for about $150 US per month, they could have a small room, food and also send her kids to school.

If we could get 6 people to help , it would be a $25 per month commitment that would literally change this family's life.

please pray about what your part might be. you will surely be blessed in doing it!!

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